In a recent development, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, whose market value exceeds 100 billion dollars, Bitcoin’e (BTC) showed potential interest.

This interest was hinted at through a series of social media exchanges involving Dell and Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor.

The conversation started when Dell posted a cryptic message on its social media account saying “rarity creates value.” This statement led Saylor, MicroStrategy’s executive chairman, to respond: “Bitcoin is a Digital Rarity.” Dell later retweeted Saylor’s BTC-friendly post, hinting at possible interest in BTC.

The sharing exchange did not stop there. Dell later shared a digitally altered image of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, depicting the character consuming Bitcoin instead of cookies. The image was altered by Saylor and seriously crypto para It seems that he added a humorous atmosphere to the discussion.

Saylor, MicroStrategy’s first CEO and now executive chairman, led the company in purchasing 226,331 Bitcoins worth $15 billion over the past four years. The most recent purchase was this week for 11,900 BTC. Saylor has also been a strong advocate for other companies to include Bitcoin on their balance sheets.

However, to date, only a handful of companies have adopted Bitcoin as part of their treasury strategies, and none of them have been as successful as the Saylor-led MicroStrategy.

Dell had $34.6 billion in current assets on its balance sheet as of May 3, of which $5.8 billion was cash and cash equivalents, according to a recent filing. Bitcoin was not mentioned at all in the application.

*This is not investment advice.

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