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South Korea, Japan and the USA condemned this Monday, “in the strongest possible terms”, the agreement between North Korea and Russia, which provides for mutual assistance in the event of aggression.

The three countries lamented Pyongyang’s “continuous arms transfers” to Russian forces, in a joint statement published by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These weapons “prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people, violate multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions and threaten stability in both Northeast Asia and Europe,” according to the document.

The partnership between North Korea and Russia “must be cause for serious concern for all interested in maintaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, in defending the global non-proliferation regime and in supporting the people of Ukraine in defending freedom and independence against Russia’s brutal aggression,” he added.


The United States, South Korea and Japan pledged to “further strengthen diplomatic and security cooperation to counter threats posed by the DPRK [República Popular Democrática da Coreia, nome oficial da Coreia do Norte] to regional and global security and prevent an escalation of the situation.”

The US commitment to the defense of the two allies “remains firm” and Seoul, Washington and Tokyo “reaffirm that the path for dialogue remains open and urge the DPRK to cease further provocations and return to negotiations,” the statement added.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Pyongyang that “the global partnership agreement (…) also provides for the provision of mutual assistance in the event of aggression against one of the parties to the agreement”.

Russia and North Korea sign “important documents” during Putin’s visit

According to the Russian news agency TASS, Putin referred to statements by the United States and other NATO countries about supplying Ukraine with long-range weapons, F-16 planes and other weapons to, he said, attack Russian territory.

“This is not just a declaration, this is already happening and all this is a gross violation of the restrictions assumed by Western countries within the framework of various types of international obligations,” he said.

After talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Putin described the agreement as a “truly revolutionary document” and said that Moscow “does not exclude the possibility of military-technical cooperation” with Pyongyang.

For his part, the North Korean leader stated that the agreement with Russia was purely defensive, according to Russian news agencies.

Kim described Putin as “the best friend” from North Korea and welcomed the beginning of a “new era” in relations with Russia.

He also expressed “full support and solidarity with the Russian Government, army and people in conducting the special military operation in Ukraine to protect the sovereignty, security interests and territorial integrity” of Russia.


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