A Boeing aircraft working for the Japanese company All Nippon Airways (ANA), which was flying between Sapporo-New Chitose and Toyama airports, was forced to interrupt the flight and return to its starting point after a fault was detected in a of the cockpit windows. The incident, which did not cause any injuries, takes place less than a week after another Boeing lost one of its doors mid-flight, on a flight in the United States.

The most recent case of problems with Boeing devices — in this case, a Boeing 737-800 — happened this Saturday. There were 59 passengers on board, who, according to the airline ANA, did not suffer any injuries. “The crack was not something that affected the control of the device or its pressurization”, guaranteed an official source from the company, cited by Al Jazeera.

Alaska Airlines flight makes emergency landing after missing a window. All Boeing 737 MAX 9 flights have been suspended


Although the devices involved in both incidents were produced by the manufacturer Boeing, different models are involved. In the first case, in Alaska, the loss of one of the doors used for boarding occurred on board a Boeing 737 MAX 9. Now, in a case that occurred in Japan, the incident involves a Boeing 737-800.

Even so, after the first case was known, the North American aviation authority — the Federal Air Authority (FAA) — issued a statement ordering the temporary suspension of flights of all Boeing 737 MAX 9 to operate within the national territory or that were owned by the country’s airlines. A total of 171 planes were involved. “The FAA will require the immediate inspection of certain Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft before they can resume flying,” said the authority’s administrator, Mike Whitaker.

Regarding the All Nippon Airways plane, and despite a Boeing aircraft being involved, there is still no information on any order to suspend the 737-800 model.

Source: https://observador.pt/2024/01/13/novo-problema-com-boeing-aviao-que-fazia-voo-domestico-no-japao-interrompe-viagem-depois-de-ter-sido-detetada-falha-na-janela-do-cockpit/

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