A 3.1 million kilowatt wind power project, situated at one of China’s first large-scale wind power bases, was put into operation on Monday in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with the objective of contributing to the clean and low-carbon transformation of the local energy sector.

The project can generate about 8.93 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity, save more than 2.82 million tons of coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 7.53 million tons per year.

Inner Mongolia has the best quality and largest volume of renewable energy resources in the country, of which wind and solar energy resources account for 57% and 21% of the national total, respectively. It is expected that, by 2025, the installed capacity of new energy in this region will reach 135 million kilowatts.

Source: http://www.chinahoje.net/mega-projeto-de-energia-eolica-entra-em-operacao-na-regiao-chinesa-da-mongolia-interior/

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