Japan announced this Friday the imposition of additional sanctions against North Korea, including the freezing of assets of individuals and companies close to the regime, days after Pyongyang launched a military spy satellite.

“North Korea’s frequent provocations and launches represent a serious and urgent threat to Japan’s security and peace in the region and the international community,” said Government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno at a press conference.

According to Matsuno, the new round of sanctions is the result of coordinated efforts with the United States, South Korea and Australia, adding four groups and five individuals linked to the North Korean nuclear and missile plan to the sanctioned list.

The list published this Friday by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes the companies Intellekt LLC, based in Russia, Versor SRO, from Slovakia, Air Koryo Trading Corporation, from North Korea, and the North Korean hacker group Kimsuky.


In addition, it includes Russian, North Korean, Slovak citizens, among others.

Japan’s decision comes after North Korea launched the country’s first spy satellite into orbit on November 21.

Pyongyang said it has already captured images of US military installations in San Diego, California, and Japan, as well as the Suez Canal, in Egypt.

North Korea, which also claimed to have photographs of US military bases on the island of Guam, has so far not shown any images collected by the new satellite.

Source: https://observador.pt/2023/12/01/japao-alarga-sancoes-contra-coreia-do-norte-apos-lancamento-de-satelite-espiao/

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