China considers the respect and protection of human rights as an underlying principle in improving its legal framework and practices in combating terrorism, explains a white paper issued by the Communication Department of the country’s State Council on Tuesday.

The Chinese government has managed to contain the spread of terrorism, protect citizens’ rights to life, health and property, and maintain social stability, while taking firm measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and organizations and avoid discrimination based on geographic area, ethnic group or religion, according to the white paper titled “China’s Legal Framework and Measures for Counterterrorism.”

Prioritizing the personal safety of those subject to direct harm and threat from terrorist incidents, China organizes relief and provides medical treatment for victims, as well as evacuating and relocating potential victims, the document said.

Relevant departments are also in charge of providing timely assistance, providing psychological and medical assistance to victims and their close relatives as appropriate, and ensuring the basic necessities of life for victims and their close relatives who have lost basic means of living.

When dealing with cases involving terrorist offenses and crimes, China attaches equal importance to protecting the basic rights of citizens, preserving social order, and protecting the rights of victims and related persons, as well as suspects, defendants and convicts, of according to the white paper.

The document informs that efforts are made to guarantee the rights of defense, information and participation, legal assistance, as well as judicial procedures in spoken and written ethnic languages, among others.

Source: Xinhua


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