Fox Business muhabiri Eleanor Terrett former US president ObamaHe shared the statements of Donald Verrilli, former Deputy Attorney General during the administration of .

According to this former attorney general donald verrilli, He noted that US regulators are aiming to remove the banking sector from the cryptocurrency industry in particular.

According to the post, Verrilli said that despite the urgent need for banking services in the digital asset sector, federal regulators have deliberately eliminated banking from the crypto sector and have launched a coordinated effort.

“Despite the digital asset industry’s urgent need for banking services, federal regulators have waged a concerted and coordinated campaign to drive banking out of the industry.

Federal regulators have deliberately blocked crypto banking services.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem still the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Verrilli stated that he was not free from the pressure Coinbase‘in SEC ve FDICHe referred to the recent lawsuit he filed against.

Verrilli noted that despite Coinbase’s objections, the SEC continues to file lawsuits against top firms in the industry. Ripple Labs, Uniswap and more recently ConsenSys He reminded us of the lawsuits he filed against important industry players such as:

Former Attorney General Donald Verrilli recently said that market experts, including himself, believe that the US is in decline and that there are future challenges to getting back on track. crypto para He said he thought regulations were needed.

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