Bitcoin ve altcoins is going through bad times. This is due to the sales of giant governments, Mt.Gox selling pressure from refunds and spot Bitcoin ETFWhile the rises in the ‘s were effective, an updated market assessment came from Santiment analysts.

Accordingly, fear and suspicion (FUD) prevails on social media at historic levels. Santiment said that there are more selling statements on social media for cryptocurrencies rather than buying them. stated.

Noting that this situation is rare, Santiment said it presents a buying opportunity for brave investors in the face of increasing FUD amid the crowd’s anger and disappointment.

“Markets continue to bleed and social media is now reaching historic levels of FUD.

There are more mentions of “selling” than “buying” on crypto forums, and this is rare. However, we have seen several of these examples in the last 24 hours, including the largest ratio of negative to positive comments in 2024 so far.

“This is an opportunity for brave investors. There is an environment where brave investors can really want to be dissidents. Buy into the anger and disappointment of the crowd.”

Offers Three Altcoin Buying Opportunities!

Santiment analysts, Bitcoin and while there are declines in the cryptocurrency market three altcoins He said it offered a dip buying opportunity.

At this point, there is an increase in address activity and investor interest in some altcoins. Santiment explained that these altcoins offer reliable dip buying opportunities for bold investors.

Stating that some altcoins were ignored during the sharp declines, Santiment said that OP, NEXO and STORJ said that.

“Are you ignoring crypto during this drop?

Note that traders are still busy and large increases in address activity are occurring.

“As bold dip buyers look for opportunities, keep cryptocurrencies like OP, NEXO, and STORJ in mind.”

*This is not investment advice.

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