China’s Ministry of Public Security has initiated a targeted campaign to combat criminal activities associated with the production and sale of counterfeit alcoholic beverages disguised as products “specially supplied” to Party, government or military entities.

This operation aims to curb the illegal production and sale of these counterfeit products, safeguarding the reputation of the Party, the government and the armed forces, while ensuring the protection of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

Law enforcement agencies across the country will focus their efforts on all stages of the counterfeit alcohol trade, from production to sale, transportation and storage, thereby disrupting the criminal network.

Particular attention will be paid to cracking down on crimes related to the production and sale of counterfeit alcoholic beverage packaging materials and dismantling illegal operations involved in the unauthorized printing of brands and logos belonging to Party, government and military organizations.

Furthermore, the ministry emphasizes the need to reinforce patrols in crucial online spaces such as e-commerce platforms, live streaming channels and social media platforms to collect clues leading to such crimes.


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