Bitcoin While showing tremendous performance since 2023, BTC reached an important milestone by reaching a new ATH before the halving in April.

this too BTC While expectations for the price increase, record predictions continue to come from famous names in the market.

At this point the last guess is Twitter co-founder Jack DorseyIt came from.

Making a bold prediction for Bitcoin Jack Dorsey claimed that the BTC price could skyrocket to at least $1 million by 2030.

Dorsey, who had an interview with the famous journalist Mike Solana in Pirate Wires yesterday, explained his optimistic expectations for the future of Bitcoin and said that the BTC price will exceed expectations in the long term.

“Price is not the most interesting aspect of Bitcoin right now. The most surprising thing about Bitcoin, other than its founding story, is that everyone who works on it and strives to make it better makes the entire ecosystem better. This causes prices to rise.

More than anything, Bitcoin is a fascinating ecosystem and has taught me a lot.

Bitcoin will continue to develop in the future. At this point I believe the Bitcoin price could reach at least a million dollars by 2030. “BTC will most likely reach this figure and even go beyond it.”

*This is not investment advice.

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