Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) launched an office to promote the country’s Chip-Based Industrial Innovation Program, highlighting the government’s intentions to advance technical prowess over the next decade.
Approved by the Executive Yuan last year, the program will receive government funding totaling NT$300 billion (US$9.25 billion) between 2024 and 2033.

It focuses on four areas: integrating generative artificial intelligence (AI) into chip manufacturing; improvement in staff training; acceleration of advances in innovative technologies such as integrated circuit design; and attraction of new companies and international investments.

According to the NSTC, the tasks of this office include observing and analyzing the operations of major countries and international semiconductor manufacturers. You will conduct research and analysis on the four main areas mentioned and provide recommendations to adjust the overall strategic planning on an ongoing basis.

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In his speech at the opening ceremony, Vice Premier Cheng Wen-tsan said the program will boost Taiwan’s technology by fostering innovation in various sectors through generative AI and semiconductor applications. Chen added that the office will also serve as a platform for cooperation between ministries, academic institutions and companies, while ensuring the Asian nation’s advantage in the global semiconductor arena.

Following these remarks, NSTC Minister Wu Tsung-tsong said the office will take note of domestic and international trends, while adjusting relevant implementations to make Taiwan a global model of industrial innovation.

Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council indicated that a public-private partnership is also being prepared with the purpose of integrating resources and strengthening the development of the nation’s industrial ecosystem.

Source: https://reporteasia.com/tecnologia/2024/05/10/taiwan-inaugura-oficina-programa-innovacion-industrial-basada-chips/

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