Chinese capital Beijing has vigorously promoted the development of green transportation, expanding the total mileage of rail transit lines to 1,172 kilometers, giving it the top spot in China’s ranking, according to a senior city official on Thursday. -fair.

Currently, Beijing has 27 urban rail transit lines, 807 kilometers long, and four suburban railways, totaling 365 kilometers, said Gao Peng, vice mayor of the city, at the fifth session of the Standing Committee of the 16th Municipal People’s Congress.

Meanwhile, the city actively promoted the circulation of new energy vehicles on the streets. Currently, the number of new energy and clean energy vehicles represents 94% of the city’s public buses, while 65% of the capital’s taxis are purely electric.

Gao said the government will continue to shorten the public transportation transfer distance in efforts to optimize green transportation services in the Chinese capital, which targets green travel at 76.5 percent by the end of 2025.


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