The fourth live class from the Chinese space station was held on Thursday afternoon, given by Shenzhou-16 astronauts Jing Haipeng, Zhu Yangzhu and Gui Haichao to students on Earth.

This was the first scientific class held from the Mengtian laboratory module of the Tiangong space station, and the fourth in the “Tiangong Class” series. During the 48-minute talk, the astronauts presented scenes from their work and life in the Mengtian laboratory module.

They also demonstrated several interesting experiments in the microgravity environment, such as spherical flame and metallic gyroscope experiments, and those showing the law of conservation of momentum. They also explained the scientific principles of these experiments.

Five classrooms were installed on the ground with the participation of around 2,800 students, including one at Beihang University in Beijing. During the live broadcast class, the astronauts interacted with students on Earth.

In the future, more space classes will be given during the application and development phase of the space station, according to the China Manned Space Agency. As China’s national space laboratory, the Tiangong space station plays a key role in popularizing science and education.

The astronaut crews of Shenzhou-13 and Shenzhou-14 have already taught three “Tiangong Classes”, and all have received warm responses.


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