Books by Chinese President Xi Jinping were topics of discussion at events in Argentina and Chile last week. The events were organized by the Americas Center of the China International Communications Group (CICG), together with Chinese embassies in the respective countries.

In Buenos Aires, experts gathered to debate the work “Xi Jinping: The governance and administration of China”, published in Spanish 10 years ago. Yu Tao, vice president of CICG, said the book explains to the world what Chinese modernization is and helps understand the country’s long and rich civilization. Furthermore, the work systematically presents the practical path of the Communist Party of China to lead the people in the modernization of the country, offering an authoritative reading for the international community to understand China and its modernization.

The debate also included the participation of Wang Wei (Chinese ambassador to Argentina), Gustavo Sabino Vaca Narvaja (director of the China-Argentina Cooperation and Linkage Program at the National University of Lanús), Diego Guelar (former Argentine ambassador to China) , Patricio Conejero Ortiz (secretary of International Relations at the University of Buenos Aires), Mercedes Sola (director of the International Chair of China Studies), Juan Manuel Pampín (president of the Argentine Book Chamber) and Hu Kaimin (director of the publishing house Edições em Línguas foreigners).

Yu Tao, vice president of the China International Communications Group. (China Hoy)

In the capital Santiago of Chile, there was a seminar on the book “Xi Jinping: Belt and Road Initiative”, which also included the participation of Yu Tao. During the event, the vice president of the CICG commented: “China and Chile have worked together effectively in building infrastructure such as ports, subways and roads, as well as developing science and technology centers.”

The book is a collection of 42 articles by President Xi on Belt and Road cooperation, dated between September 2013 and July 2018, covering questions from how and why the initiative was introduced to its principles and objectives. The publisher Edições em Línguas Estrangeiras published its editions in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese for international audiences.

The seminar also featured names such as Ma Zhen (political counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Chile), Fernando Reyes Matta (former Chilean ambassador to China) and Ricardo Gamboa Valenzuela (deputy director of the Institute of International Studies at the University of Chile).


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