Just a few days before the halving, which will halve miners’ rewards in Bitcoin, the comments of analysts and investors began to appear more in the mainstream media.

Lucy Gazmararian, founder of Hong Kong crypto investment firm Token Bay Capital, participated in Bloomberg’s broadcast from the US media and stated that although this halving is not actually a software difference compared to the past ones, it is different in terms of impact.

“Thanks to ETFs, more money entered more easily”

Stating that the Bitcoin price broke a record, unlike other halvings, the manager stated that he thinks ETFs will continue to attract more and new investors:

“There are multiple factors and factors affecting this halving. Apart from a large industry becoming more and more mature, we are seeing more innovation and development related to Bitcoin every year. Although media attention is often focused on price, it is obvious that these developments are always continuing without getting caught up in this situation. However, apart from all these, the big factor that makes this halving different is that corporate companies are now involved in the game through ETFs. In fact, thanks to these funds, Bitcoin has become an asset that even small investors can access more easily… No one talks about operational risks, regulation dangers or storage difficulties anymore. While a new customer base is coming for corporate companies, we see that it is also a trading tool for hedge funds. In fact, serious money started to come in… We are talking about billions of dollars. As Larry Fink said, this ETF was the fastest growing ETF in history. More new investors will continue to come.”

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“Halving is priced in”

Stating that the halving has been programmed into the Bitcoin software from the very beginning, Gazmararian stated that he thinks the pricing is over for this reason:

“I think the halving is actually priced in. Because we always know when the halving will happen and how it will happen from day one. It’s a situation programmed into the software. We can also say that it is a feature for the network to work and to keep inflation under control. 3 halvings are left behind and 64 more will occur. Another situation that makes this halving different in terms of price is that Bitcoin broke a record before the halving. However, we see that many movements resemble old cycles. Apart from record pricing, I do not see a significant change in cyclical terms.”

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