Bitcoin crossed another important threshold and surpassed 60 thousand dollars. This rapid rise of Bitcoin, which first exceeded 58 thousand, then 59 thousand and finally exceeded 60 thousand dollars on the same day, brought with it questions about where its next stop will be.

As we reported the other day, the new target could be $64,900 after the $56,400 resistance level is overcome, according to Katie Stockton, founder of investment consultancy firm Fairlead Strategies.

Ari Wald, chart analyst at investment bank Oppenheimer, expressed a similar view. “The current positive momentum in Bitcoin price supports higher prices in the coming months,” Wald said. “The rally exceeding $48,000 shows a significant break above the April 2022 peak and paves the way for testing the $65,000 resistance in 2021.” he commented.

Antoni Trenchev, co-founder of the cryptocurrency trading platform Nexo, emphasized that exceeding 60 thousand dollars will whet the appetite of investors who did not participate in this year’s rally, and especially individual investors.

Bitcoin finds buyers at $60,228 as of 17.30 TSI.

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