There were Bitcoin outflows from the wallets where the Bitcoins seized by US law enforcement from the Bitfinex hacker were kept.

According to the data provided by Arkham, transactions started at 21.39 Turkey time, but the largest transaction was made just now, at 22.55.

In the first stage, 1 BTC was transferred from the address starting with 14EGUfpk… for trial purposes. Half an hour later, at 22.11, a transfer of 2 thousand 817 BTC worth $ 170 million was made from the same wallet. At 22.31, 0.01 BTC was sent from another state-controlled wallet, starting with 1DNUjpH…, again for trial purposes. At 22.55, $750 million worth of this wallet Another 12 thousand 267 BTC was sent. The total value of Bitcoins is over $900 million at current prices.

12 thousand 267 BTC came out of one of the Bitcoin wallets controlled by the USA and 2 thousand 818 BTC came out of the other.

It is assumed that the BTCs moved are sold. Details of the sale transaction are expected to be revealed in the coming days.

The US government had previously signaled that it would start selling some BTCs seized from operations. It was reported that a total of 41 thousand 491 BTC would be sold and this sale would be made in four parts.

The government controls 212 thousand BTC worth 13 billion dollars and 56 thousand ETH worth 185 million dollars. The sales in question have been made since the early years of Bitcoin. BTCs seized in various operations were usually sold through auction. In 2014, famous investor Tim Draper purchased approximately 30 thousand BTC from such an auction.


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