Solana (SUN) While the interest in based mem tokens has shifted to different areas, whales have also started to purchase different mem tokens.

At this point the legendary whale paulo.sol also shifted its focus from WIF, BODEN and BONK to altcoins named PUPS and POPCAT.

According to Lookonchain’s post WIF, BONK ve BODENHe made significant profits from and has now diversified into different mem tokens.

Accordingly, paulo.sol made a profit of $9.51 million in WIF, $7.04 million in BODEN and $6.28 million in BONK. Its total profit was $22.83 million.

β€œWhat a legend!

paulo.sol made a profit of $9.51 million on WIF, $7.04 million on BODEN and $6.28 million on BONK.

We recently noticed that paulo.sol has purchased PUPS and POPCAT.

Spent $1.77 million today to purchase 4.3 million POPCATs at $0.42.

And since April 11, it has spent $5.97 million to purchase 101,712 PUPS at $59, making it the largest holder of e PUPS in Solana.”

*This is not investment advice.

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