PETRONAS and CelcomDigi are exploring ways to harness the potential of 5G to accelerate digital transformation and sustainability efforts in the energy industry, according to a joint statement issued by both companies.

In the statement, both parties stated that this strategic collaboration will include the exploration of possible industrial techno-digital efforts using 5G technology. The objective is to enable continuous improvements in all operations of PETRONAS, Malaysia’s leading energy company.

Additionally, the collaboration will also look at opportunities to integrate clean energy solutions into CelcomDigi’s enterprise offerings, in order to drive the adoption of sustainable technologies among Malaysian businesses.

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Aadrin Azly, Vice President of Technology and Marketing at PETRONAS, said: “This partnership offers us a great opportunity to expand the power of 5G both for our company and the community at large. “We plan to build a robust network infrastructure capable of serving the growing demand for reliable high-speed Internet access in the oil and gas sector.”

CelcomDigi Deputy CEO Albern Murty added that the MoU represents an opportunity to accelerate the modernization of oil and gas operations driven by 5G connectivity.

“Over the past five years, we have worked closely with PETRONAS to deploy private 4G LTE networks on offshore platforms and test digital use cases. Together, we have brought practical digital applications to platform operations to life; For example, what used to be a marginal test case for ‘connected platform workers’ is now a must-have for keeping platform workers productive and safe,” Murty noted.


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