The last stop of the meme coin craze in the cryptocurrency market was IMARO. IMARO, launched by Metin Redjepi and his team on the Solana blockchain after the local elections, reached thousands of investors and a market value of millions of dollars in a short time.

IMARO, which started with $ 0.00002310 on the evening of March 31, exceeded $ 0.081, an increase of more than 35 times. Its market value also increased to over 8 million dollars. On the other hand, IMARO also had its share of the high volatility inherent in meme coins. IMARO, which recorded a great rise in a short time, has retreated by 40 percent since its peak.

IMARO, which reached a significant community power in a few days, started to be listed on central stock exchanges. Coinstore became the first cryptocurrency exchange to list IMARO.

Local meme coin also carries out social responsibility activities along with its success. The project donated 25 thousand TL each to IMM’s Pending Invoice campaign and Dude on behalf of the community.

IMARO has nothing to do with Ekrem İmamoğlu.

While cryptocurrencies are already risky investments, meme coins involve a greater degree of risk. Experts warn that caution should be exercised when investing in meme coins and that a possible investment may be reset.

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