cryptocurrency Analysis platform Arkham reported that various governments around the world hold significant amounts of cryptocurrency assets. Highly Bitcoin (BTC) ve Ethereum’dan (ETH) These assets are worth billions of dollars.

The United States government reportedly holds the most significant amount, with crypto assets worth approximately $15.27 billion. These assets include 212,847 BTC and 45,654 ETH. The total value of Bitcoin assets held by the USA is worth $ 14.97 billion, and the remaining amount consists of Ethereum.

Following the US, the British government holds 61,245 BTC, estimated to be worth around $4.34 billion. The German government is not far behind with 49,859 BTC worth approximately $3.53 billion.

Interestingly, the Salvadoran government, which is actively purchasing Bitcoin, owns 5,718 thousand BTC worth approximately $405 million.

Apart from El Salvador’s active participation in the crypto market, most of the crypto assets held by those countries were obtained through confiscation.

*This is not investment advice.

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