The Taiwanese National Development Council (NDC)’s application for admission to join the Global Cooperation Agreement for Privacy Protection (Global CAPE) has been approved. This fact highlights the commitment of the Government of Taiwan to protecting the personal data of its people.
The NDC submitted the request on behalf of Taiwan after coordinating 16 national privacy authorities, including Taiwan’s Ministries of Economy, Education, Foreign Affairs and Justice. The Council, at the ministry level, expressed its desire to collaborate with other members of the Global CAPE to promote the transnational application of data protection and privacy laws.

According to the NDC, as a founding member of the Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules Forum (CBPRF), Taiwan has always been dedicated to facilitating the flow of trusted data and reducing unnecessary barriers to digital commerce.

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As the trend towards global digitalization grows, the demand for cross-border data transmission has increased and the theft of personal data often involves overseas factors, the council said, adding that multinational cooperation is required to effectively combat illegal activities.

To this end, the CBPRF launched the Global CAPE in October 2023, inviting privacy enforcement authorities from non-member countries to participate to stimulate joint efforts across jurisdictions.

In addition to Taiwan, other participants in the organization include Canada, South Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The NDC hoped that, in the future, Taiwanese privacy enforcement authorities would be able to collaborate with their counterparts around the world in cross-border enforcement of laws regulating privacy protection, sharing of data and professional exchange in order to boost the development of digital commerce in the nation.


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