Polygon CEO’su Marc BoironIn his post on X, he talked about the increasing popularity of layer 3 networks.

Criticizing Layer-3 networks (L3), Polygon Labs CEO said that L3s EthereumHe said it wasn’t necessary for scalability.

Polygon CEO L3s ETH argued that it could potentially burden its network.

“L3s exist solely to take value from Ethereum and transfer it to the L2s that L3s are built on top of.

You don’t need L3s for scaling.

That’s why Polygon Labs doesn’t work on L3s.”

While the famous CEO acknowledged the importance of L2s in the Ethereum network, he did not accept the idea that L2 value equals Ethereum value.

Stating that the merger of all L3s into a single L2 will reduce the value of Ethereum, the CEO said that this situation will endanger the economic sustainability of ETH and be a potential risk to the security of Ethereum.

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/polygon-matic-ceosundan-surpriz-ethereum-eth-paylasimi/

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