K-pop powerhouse SM Entertainment has denied recent rumors regarding inappropriate conduct in Japan by two members of its popular K-pop boy group. NCTas “entirely false.”

“These sensational rumors” are “entirely false and constitute criminal acts, which severely damage the reputations of the artists,” announced the South Korean entertainment agency. It has gone so far as to announce plans to take legal action against those who spread these accusations, regardless of their nationality.

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SM Entertainment prepares to take legal action after rumors

The rumors, which originated in Japan and emerged in South Korean online communities, accuse two members of the group, Johnny and Haechan, of paying for sex and using drugs while they were in Japan. The allegations led to a significant decline in SM’s share price, which fell 8.18 percent to close at 81,900 won ($59.5) at the end of the trading day.

SM confirmed that it has already gathered sufficient evidence regarding numerous publications related to this matter, noting that not only NCT ​​but also other artists under its fold, including Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul, have been the subject of unfounded rumors and malicious slander.

He added that they will not ignore such criminal acts and will take legal action against those involved, without benevolence or agreement, “regardless of their nationality.”

Source: https://reporteasia.com/cultura/cultura-pop/2024/06/05/sm-niega-los-rumores-sobre-los-miembros-de-nct-y-promete-emprender-acciones-legales/

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