Recently, oCoinEx, the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, announced the official launch of its P2P (peer-to-peer) trading service. This marks a new step in CoinEx’s journey to provide diversified transaction services. The introduction of P2P services not only provides users with a more convenient fiat-to-cryptocurrency conversion service, but also opens up new opportunities for global P2P traders to participate and expand their business. This article will provide a detailed overview of the features of CoinEx’s P2P service, the special benefits for P2P traders joining CoinEx, and why global P2P traders should consider CoinEx as a partner.

  • CoinEx P2P Service and Featured Features

CoinEx’s P2P service offers a number of innovative benefits designed to increase platform transaction efficiency and ensure the security of user funds:

  1. Safe Transaction Environment

All transactions made through the P2P service are protected by CoinEx’s security system, ensuring the security and transparency of transactions.

2. Broad Coverage Supporting Most Regions and Fiat Currencies

CoinEx’s P2P service supports over a hundred fiat currencies and covers many countries and regions globally. This enables more than 5 million cryptocurrency users worldwide to benefit from convenient and fast fiat-to-cryptocurrency services.

3. User-Friendly Interface with Real-Time Communication Channels

CoinEx P2P’s simple and clear trading interface makes the trading process simple and easy-to-use for all types of users. Additionally, CoinEx offers real-time communication channels that enable buyers and sellers to communicate directly and respond quickly to transaction needs, making fund transactions smoother and faster while ensuring transaction efficiency and security.

  • Special Services for Global P2P Traders Joining CoinEx

By joining a cryptocurrency trading platform, P2P traders can not only open new revenue streams but also increase brand visibility and attract global users. More importantly, joining a cryptocurrency trading platform means seamless access to a powerful market network – leveraging the platform’s user base and global network to expand the business.

Currently, CoinEx is recruiting traders globally and plans to waive fees for both traders and users for a year, offering a number of special discount policies and advanced functions:

  1. No Need to Deposit and Prior Freezing of Funds

No deposit is required for seller certification and no prior freezing of funds is required for sales orders to be submitted. Only an advanced KYC (Know Your Customer) certificate is required to obtain sending privileges. Funds are locked only when a merchant accepts an order/order, effectively improving funds utilization.

2. Inventory-Free Advertising Model

Merchants do not need to worry about inventory problems. As long as there are sufficient funds, they can accept orders continuously and the amount of advertising orders is not affected by completed orders.

3. Order Approval Status

CoinEx provides the flexibility to add an order confirmation status. Sellers can independently choose to confirm or reject an order within a certain time frame without affecting the order completion rate or triggering penalties.

4. Fast Seller Status Key

Sellers can switch between working and resting states with a single click. When entering the rest state, all ads are paused.

5. Advanced Custom Settings

CoinEx offers a variety of advanced settings options such as registration time, order completion rate, and counterparty ID, allowing traders to filter trading partners according to their needs.

  • Joining CoinEx to Explore Broader Market Prospects

CoinEx has consistently maintained its market leading position and maintained high levels of user satisfaction through continuous technological innovation and user experience improvement. Currently, the platform provides simple, user-friendly, secure and stable cryptocurrency trading services to 6 million users in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

The launch of CoinEx P2P service will not only improve the transaction experience for users and merchants, but also further solidify CoinEx’s competitive advantage in the global cryptocurrency market. By recruiting high-quality P2P traders globally through its platform, CoinEx aims to jointly explore broader market prospects and also hopes to create a diverse, open and efficient fiat-cryptocurrency trading channel by building the CoinEx P2P ecosystem with more traders.


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