Singapore returns for the sixth consecutive year to the annual Smart China Expo (SCE) taking place in Chongqing, China from September 4-6, 2023. This year is also the fourth year that Singapore has co-hosted the event since 2020. SCE This year marks the first large-scale in-person experience after three years of virtual and hybrid setups. This annual event in Chongqing serves as a platform for information and communication technology (ICT) companies from Singapore and China to collaborate and seize opportunities in the digital economies of Western China and Southeast Asia.

Singapore’s continued involvement builds on the strong partnership with Chongqing under the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity launched in 2015, under which Information and Communications Technology is one of the four priority areas of collaboration. Led by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), more than 15 Singaporean companies are participating in this year’s SCE.

Tan Kiat How, State Secretary of Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of National Development, reaffirmed the deep ties between Singapore and Chongqing in his speech at the SCE inauguration ceremony. “Singapore is honored to continue co-hosting the Smart China Expo. This event not only fosters collaboration between Singapore and Chongqing, but also connects us with other partners and regions.”

Strengthening Singapore-Chongqing Partnerships in the Digital Future

At the International Digital Cooperation (IDC) Forum, held within the framework of the SCE to promote cross-border digital collaboration in various sectors such as manufacturing, logistics and trade, 15 MoUs were signed. These MoUs reflect the shared commitment between Chongqing and Singapore to foster collaboration and innovation between companies from both regions.

With the increasing importance of cross-border data flows in facilitating the growth of the digital economy, IDC plays a key role in supporting the projects outlined in the MoUs and promoting greater connectivity between people and companies. companies from Singapore and Chongqing. “Our digital partnership with China, and especially Chongqing, is a testament to our common commitment to shaping an inclusive and interconnected world,” said Ang Wee Keong, Deputy CEO of IMDA International Group.

Bangkok Science Expo highlights cooperation with China

As part of ongoing efforts to foster innovative collaborations, two proposals have been awarded the Joint Innovation Development Fund (JIDF). Launched in 2019, the JIDF is a RMB 40 million initiative by IMDA, Enterprise Singapore and Chongqing Big Data Application Development Bureau (CQBDB) that aims to support pioneering projects that would benefit industry and economy for both Singapore and Chongqing. .

One of these projects focuses on new energy battery management, run by Singaporean engineering consultancy Outlast Technologies Pte Ltd and Chongqing University. Taking advantage of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence algorithms, the project aims to improve the safety and reliability of lithium-ion battery modules, thus mitigating possible material losses and damage to people.

Information and Communications Technology is one of the four priority areas of collaboration

Another JIDF-supported project involves the creation of an intelligent digestive tract disease diagnostic helper software by Singapore distributor Unison Collaborative Pte Ltd and Chongqing Jinshan Technology Group. Using 5G technology, they aim to improve early detection of digestive tract cancer, which will lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Launch of China-Singapore Information and Communication Industry Market Access Guide

SGTech, in collaboration with the Chongqing China Technology Services Market (TSMC) and CQBDB, has also presented plans to launch the first China-Singapore Information and Communication Industry Market Access Guide at the IDC Forum. .

This is a comprehensive market guide that will provide Singaporean companies with a holistic understanding of the Western China market landscape to facilitate the entry of Singaporean companies into Western China. This guide will provide valuable insights into the Chinese market, including market readiness and competitor analysis to identify market trends, gaps, and opportunities. It will also delve into regulation, covering areas such as cross-border data protection and regulatory compliance. The guide is currently in the development phase and its publication is scheduled for December 2023.


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