Martti Malmi, who once again made a name for himself with his participation in the case against Craig Wright, known as the fake Satoshi, which Wright lost, and by revealing his correspondence with Satoshi during the hearings, revealed some new e-mails.

“There must also be a tool of change”

It appears that Satoshi made clear comments about the future status of Bitcoin in these newly revealed e-mails. For example, Satoshi, who insists that Bitcoin is a medium of exchange, uses the following statements:

“As is often seen in trading, investors can make a profit by having a margin between the buying and selling prices. But making Bitcoin as available as possible will make this work even better, because people will not only want to sell you all their coins, they will also want to buy them and use them as a medium of exchange. Buying and selling on a small scale, or even selling goods, will also prevent Bitcoin from being put in one basket with all its eggs. Bitcoin can be valued with anything that can be bought in return. “As with every paper currency… Therefore, it should not only be an investment asset, but also a medium of exchange.”

As you may remember, in previously revealed e-mails, Satoshi stated that the only solution he could find for such an electronic money was the Proof of Work system. Satoshi, who appears to touch upon a similar issue again in these e-mails, emphasizes that the PoW system consumes much less energy than the traditional banking system. Nakamoto also talks about the environmental impacts of PoW.

“There may be an influx of users”

Praising Malmi for understanding the potential of Bitcoin in the e-mails dated May 2, 2009, Satoshi stated that he thought Bitcoin’s association with fiat currencies would increase its value at that time and said the following:

“There may be an influx of users. We must be ready for this. Adoption can reach widespread levels. I think the hardware speed will be much higher. Hardware will be 10 times faster in 5 years and 100 times faster in 10 years. In fact, even if Bitcoin adoption reaches crazy levels, hardware speed will still exceed it.”

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