Prominent crypto para companies Coinbase ve Ripple Labs, To support their own legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) SEC’in Binance’e wants to strategically take advantage of a recent court decision in the case it filed against.

Ripple and Coinbase Try to Take Advantage of Judge’s Decision in SEC’s Binance Case

In their court filings, both Coinbase and Ripple underlined the need for regulatory clarity in the digital assets space, citing a landmark decision in the Binance case.

Coinbase’s court filing on Tuesday emphasized the need for the SEC to engage in the rulemaking process regarding digital assets, criticizing the agency’s approach as inconsistent and backward-looking.

“Binance also supports the SEC engaging in rulemaking regarding digital assets,” Coinbase said in its filing. “As Coinbase explained, rulemaking is necessary here.

Because the SEC has adopted a new and comprehensive, yet still vague, view of securities laws, a view it has never coherently explained but is attempting to retroactively impose on the digital asset industry.

Last week, US District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Amy Berman Jackson denied Binance’s request to dismiss its lawsuit with the SEC.

However, it rejected some of the SEC’s allegations, including the classification of secondary sales of Binance Coin (BNB) as a security.

Judge Jackson’s dismissal of the secondary selling charge was welcomed within the crypto industry, with legal experts interpreting the decision as an indication that decisions in crypto-related cases should be made on an individual basis.

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