Eleven thousand prefabricated houses had been built by Tuesday to provide shelter for residents relocated to earthquake-hit areas in northwest China’s Gansu Province, according to the local rescue command.

The province plans to build 15,000 such houses to shelter residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck more than a week ago, resulting in hundreds of casualties.

Ma Fengying’s prefabricated house in Meipo Village, Jishishan District, is equipped with a stove, two beds and electric blankets. Under the beds, a basket of food including instant noodles and toast is neatly stored. “I had a bad cold a few days ago and couldn’t get out of bed. Now the new prefab house is clean and warm and I have fully recovered,” said Ma.

On the night of the earthquake, the family hurriedly evacuated their home, spending a night in the cold wind. She later built a makeshift tent using plastic sheets, and a few days later moved to a better windproof tent.

In addition to the prefabricated houses, a row of blue tents serve as fire and health stations, as well as spaces for psychological support and treatment of other issues. China Telecom is offering free Wi-Fi services in the area.

Source: http://www.chinahoje.net/casas-pre-fabricadas-sao-montadas-para-afetados-por-terremoto-na-china/

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