Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida condemned, this Tuesday, “as firmly as possible” the launch of a North Korean missile.

“We have already strongly protested against North Korea, and condemned [este lançamento] with the utmost firmness”, declared Kishida from his office in Tokyo.

We are currently trying to find out if any damage has been reported. And even if they call it a satellite, the launch of an object that uses ballistic missile technology is clearly a violation of United Nations resolutions”, added the prime minister.

North Korea said it had launched late Tuesday what defined it as a military spy satellite heading south. Previously, Pyongyang had warned Japan of an imminent launch, defying Seoul’s warnings and UN resolutions prohibiting it from using ballistic missile technologies.

It is an important situation that affects the security of the Japanese people. We will continue to collect information and remain vigilant,” Kishida added.

After the announcement of the launch, the Japanese Government, which had asked the inhabitants of Okinawa, southwest of the archipelago, to retreat to shelters, but canceled that order, indicating that the North Korean missile headed towards the Pacific Ocean.


Source: https://observador.pt/2023/11/21/coreia-do-norte-anuncia-lancamento-de-satelite-militar-espiao-japao-condena-decisao-com-firmeza/

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