Nikon Corporation, a leader in technological innovation, has announced the creation of its “Sustainability Linked Financing Framework” and plans to issue bonds linked to sustainability next October.

Sustainability-linked bonds represent a new form of investment that is directly linked to the achievement of predefined sustainability-related goals. This launch marks the first time that Nikon has ventured into issuing this type of bonds.

Nikon’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in one of its long-term goals for fiscal year 2050: achieving a decarbonized society.

The company has committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Scope1 and Scope2 categories by an impressive 71.4%, compared to fiscal year 2013 levels, as part of its medium-term environmental goals for the fiscal year 2030.

These goals are intrinsically linked to Nikon’s long-term environmental vision.

Nikon joins coalition of companies to achieve carbon neutrality

The issuance of the Bonds, framed within this initiative, represents a significant step in Nikon’s continued commitment to its Long-Term Environmental Vision, seeking to realize a sustainable environmental vision.

This action reflects the company’s firm commitment to building a more sustainable society and reducing its carbon footprint.

Nikon is among the leading companies in adopting sustainable business practices and this sustainability-linked bond issuance is further testimony to its commitment to the environmental cause.

With this initiative, Nikon joins a growing list of companies that are using financial instruments linked to sustainability as an effective tool to drive sustainable business practices and contribute to the achievement of ambitious environmental goals.


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