A new land port serving as a gateway between southwest China’s Xizang Autonomous Region and Nepal came into operation on Monday. Lektse port is the fourth land port in Xizang, after Zham, Gyirong and Burang.

With a total investment of 400 million yuan (US$55.7 million), the port in Zhongba District, Xigaze, is the highest in Xizang to date, and has long served as a trade point for salt and grains between China and Nepal.

Its opening-up is of great importance to establish a comprehensive opening-up pattern in Xizang, a gateway to South Asia, and promote high-quality Belt and Road cooperation between China and Nepal, according to Wang Fanghong, mayor of Xigaze.

Source: http://www.chinahoje.net/novo-porto-terrestre-que-liga-xizang-ao-nepal-e-inaugurado/

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