Korea Aerospace Industries Co. (KAI) announced that it has signed an agreement with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Eve Air Mobility to supply a key component used in the production of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOL).

According to KAI, the contract, valued at more than 1 trillion won ($722.9 million), will extend until the conclusion of production of the eVTOL model.

The South Korean company will be responsible for the development and serial production of Pylon, a key structure in eVTOL units, used to mount electric propulsion systems. It has also previously supplied structures for the E-Jet E2 mid-size twin-engine aircraft, produced by Embraer, Eve’s parent company.

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Eve’s eVTOL: innovation and global projection with Korea Aerospace Industries

According to KAI, the Eve eVTOL model has five seats and has a flight range of 100 kilometers. Eve intends to produce the units for commercial operation as air taxis in the United States, Brazil and other nations in 2026.

Through participation in the eVTOL business, Korea Aerospace Industries plans to improve its production technology in the field of advanced air mobility and seek its foray into the global market.

The company’s CEO, Kang Goo-young, said that it will “successfully carry out the development and serial production of eVTOLs, to improve its global competitiveness in the advanced air mobility sector.”

Source: https://reporteasia.com/economia/industria/2024/04/15/kai-llega-a-un-acuerdo-con-una-firma-aeronautica-brasilena-para-componentes-de-evtol/

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