Tension between Iran and Israel over the weekend Bitcoin (BTC) ve altcoinsalso caused sharp declines.

During this decline, there were investors who panicked and sold, as well as investors who turned the decline into an opportunity.

At this point, turning the decline into an opportunity A fresh whale purchased 16 altcoins from Binance for $17.43 million.

According to Lookonchain’s post, the fresh wallet is from Binance Avalanche (AVAX), FET, GRT, Polygon (MATIC), OP, RNDR, DOT, FTM, Chainlink (LINK), Dogecoin (DOGE), PENDLE, GALA, GHST, AEVO, DYDX ve PEPE made the purchase.

“Which altcoins did whales buy after the market crash?

We noticed that a new wallet purchased $17.43 million worth of altcoins from Binance in the last 3 hours:

48,922 AVAX ($1.86 million worth)
621,003 FETs (worth $1.45 million)
5.14 million GRT (valued at $1.44 million)
1.9 million MATIC (worth $1.41 million)
OP 532,444 (worth $1.29 million)
135,751 RNDR (worth $1.26 million)
174,421 DOT (valued at $1.23 million)
1.6 million FTM (worth $1.15 million)
68,598 LINK (worth $993K)
5.3 million DOGE (worth $851 thousand)
115,427 PENDLE (worth $802 thousand)
17.49 million GALA (worth $779 thousand)
410,819 GHST (worth $767k)
409,826 AEVO (worth $728K)
326,926 DYDX (worth $719k)
124.6 billion PEPE (worth 681 thousand dollars)”

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/taze-balina-dususu-firsata-cevirdi-binanceten-yuklu-altcoin-alimi-yapti-16-farkli-altcoin-cekti/

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