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Japan announced this Friday new sanctions against 11 entities from six countries for helping Russia circumvent punitive measures imposed by the international community for the invasion of Ukraine.

Japan sanctions entities from several countries for helping Russia circumvent Western bans


The 11 targeted entities are from China, India, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The sanctions came after Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida pointed out, at the summit of the leaders of the Group of the seven most industrialized countries in the world (G7), in Italy, in the middle of this month, that the Japanese government was preparing a package of measures of this type, aimed at third countries that support direct or indirectly the Russia.

Italy highlights “undeniable success” of the G7 summit with consensus among participants

At this meeting, the G7 criticized the export of goods with potential military use to Russia, through third countries, and expressed a willingness to take measures to cut off these commercial channels that allow Moscow to escape international sanctions.

Japan “will continue to work together with the G7 and other members of the international community” to “maintain the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia”, said Government spokesman Yoshimasa Hayashi at a press conference.

These are not sanctions against individual countries, but rather against entities involved in evading Russian sanctions,” he said.

The new Japanese sanctions include freezing the assets of individuals, companies and other entities in those countries, as well as more individuals and entities in Russia, and restrictions on payments and other capital transactionsin addition to the ban on Japanese exports for companies subject to these measures.


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