Krypto para According to data published by the analysis company Arkham, the German government’s in bitcoins mobility continues.

According to data, Germany has sold over $195 million worth of Bitcoin so far.

Latest data shows that the German government sent $65 million in the last two hours to two groups of people suspected of being linked to exchanges, including Coinbase.

Yesterday, Germany moved $600 million worth of BTC, $130 million of which was transferred to four different cryptocurrency exchanges, including Kraken and Bitstamp.

Currently, according to data, Germany holds approximately $3.05 billion worth of BTC. It is unknown whether the remaining amount will be transferred to cryptocurrency exchanges or the impact these will have on Bitcoin.

German police seized approximately 50,000 BTC, worth over $2 billion at the time, from the operators of, a pirated movie site active in 2013. According to Arkham, police received the Bitcoins in mid-January following a “voluntary transfer” from the suspects.

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