The foreign ministers of Japan and India agreed this Thursday to intensify economic and security cooperation, at a time when the two countries seek to strengthen relations in the face of China’s growing influence.

In a joint press conference, the head of Japanese diplomacy, Yoko Kamikawa, reported that in talks with her Indian counterpart, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the intensification of bilateral cooperation in security matters was reaffirmed, including in the scope of defense equipment and technology transfers.

The minister added that possibilities will be sought to expand cooperation to new areas of space and cybersecurity.

Japan and India, members of the Quad group, a diplomatic alliance for security matters that also includes the United States and Australia, quickly intensified bilateral relations as they share concern about China’s increasingly assertive economic and military activities in the region.


“India and Japan, as two great Indo-Pacific nations that share values, history and interests, have an abiding interest in the peace, security and prosperity of our region and are ready to play a responsible role commensurate with the needs of our time ”, said Jaishankar on his part.

The Indian minister is on a three-day official visit to Tokyo for meetings with the Japanese government and businesspeople.

Citing the rapid evolution of strategic relations, as well as the worsening security environment worldwide, Kamikawa echoed the desire to work on common issues through dialogue and cooperation.

Os two ministers welcomed the expansion of joint military exercises and Jaishankar also highlighted the work to strengthen economic security and the resilience of the supply chain, and therefore cooperation in areas such as semiconductors, green technologies and digital transformation was discussed.

Japan has also supported infrastructure development in India and Kamikawa reaffirmed Tokyo’s continued assistance in high-speed rail projects.


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