Gold advocate known for his hostility towards Bitcoin Peter Schiff, BTC-gold continues to make comparisons.

The famous name, who denigrates BTC at every opportunity, in his post from his X account BitcoinHe said that although it priced a new high in dollar terms, it did not reach a new high against gold.

Peter Schiff “While Bitcoin experienced a new rise in the dollar, it could not make a new rise against gold. Maybe this will never happen. “This undermines the claim that Bitcoin is digital gold.” said.

After this post, he addressed Bitcoin supporters who found gold’s rise to be low and pointed out that gold’s 3% gain in the last two days was equal to the total market value of approximately $450 billion.

Schiff later claimed that Bitcoin would need to rise to $94,000 to experience such a rally against the dollar.

“Bitcoin pumpers are mocking the “meager” $25 rise in the gold price tonight. But after Friday’s $39 increase, this two-day 3% gain equates to approximately $450 billion in total market capitalization. “To cover this increase in gold, Bitcoin will need to increase by approximately $23,000 to $94,000.”

The Bitcoin community argued that Peter Schiff’s $94,000 Bitcoin-gold quote was a prediction for the BTC price in the coming days.

*This is not investment advice.

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