President Joko Widodo made official on Wednesday, April 3, the delivery of humanitarian aid to Palestinians and Sudanese at the Halim Perdanakusuma air base, Jakarta. This aid demonstrates the Indonesian Government’s commitment to maintaining world peace and actively participating in humanitarian missions. Assistance worth Rs 30 billion in the form of medicines, medical equipment and other aid, tailored to the official needs and requests of the Governments of Egypt and Sudan. A delegation led by the Head of the BNPB will deliver the aid directly to Egypt and Sudan.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi explained that this was the umpteenth delivery of aid, which signified Indonesia’s active role on the global humanitarian scene. Indonesia also sent aid in the form of parachutes to deliver aid from the air through Jordan.

The need to protect humanitarian aid in conflict zones

Meanwhile, aid sent by land from the Indonesian government, communities and non-governmental organizations has reached more than 4,400 tons. Foreign Minister Retno confirmed that almost all aid from Indonesia had entered Palestine. «It seems that almost everything has entered, because we have organized packaging, we do not have to repackage, etc. In fact, we know that in the case of many countries, many taxpayers have land obstacles because all incoming goods must be controlled by Israel,” she said.

This aid demonstrates the commitment of the Government of Indonesia to maintain world peace and actively participate in humanitarian missions.

Two Garuda planes loaded with aid are scheduled to arrive on April 4, 2024, one in Port Sudan and the other in Cairo. The delivery of this aid means concrete steps by Indonesia to play an active role in the global humanitarian scene.

«Once again, as Mr. President has said before, our diplomacy has two aspects: one is the diplomacy of peace, which is why we also actively participate in helping the Palestinian cause. The second is humanitarian diplomacy. When the country or when we see victims of both war and natural disasters, Indonesia always tries to contribute according to the capacity that Indonesia possesses,” said the Foreign Minister.


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