India has offered to share its Digital Public Infrastructure (IndiaStack) with the Dominican Republic, which will help both nations use digital resources effectively. (Photo: MEA)

In an effort to further strengthen their partnership, India and the Dominican Republic have agreed to work together to increase trade, boost investment and enhance defense and space cooperation.

In a joint statement, Ms. Raquel Peña Rodríguez, Vice President of the Dominican Republic, and the Vice President of India, Jagdeep Dhankhar, expressed their mutual interest in exploring avenues for cooperation.

The leaders expressed their understanding of the importance of expanding exchanges and sharing best practices in various fields, such as space exploration, satellite data management, information technology and biotechnology, among others.

India has offered to share its Digital Public Infrastructure (IndiaStack) with the Dominican Republic and this will help both nations to use digital resources effectively. Furthermore, the inclusion of the Dominican Republic in the ITEC-Defense program has strengthened its ties in defense matters, which is a positive step for both countries.

The signing of a Cooperation Agreement between Invest India and ProDominicana to promote investment flows is a significant advance. This will foster economic growth and create opportunities for both nations.

In addition, two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed: one between the Central Drug Control Organization of India (CDSCO) and the Directorate General of Drugs, Food and Health Products of the Dominican Republic (DIGEMAPS), and another between the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, National Institute of Oceanography of India (CSIR-NIO) and the National Authority for Maritime Affairs of the Dominican Republic (ANAMAR). These agreements will facilitate collaboration in critical areas.

Two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed: one between the Central Drug Control Organization of India (CDSCO) and the Directorate General of Medicines, Food and Health Products of the Dominican Republic (DIGEMAPS)

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and the Dominican Republic. Both countries plan to celebrate this milestone with a calendar of events that they will jointly create.

The visit of Ms. Raquel Peña Rodríguez to India from October 3 to 5, 2023, at the invitation of Vice President Dhankar, marks an important moment. During her visit, she met her Indian counterpart in New Delhi on October 4, where they held high-level political talks on a range of bilateral, regional and multilateral issues of mutual interest.

Both countries are eager to improve cooperation in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. The Dominican Republic is willing to support the presence of Indian pharmaceutical companies in its territory. India, for its part, sees opportunities for collaboration in the healthcare sector, including the supply of generic medicines. This collaboration can improve access to healthcare for both nations.

Commemorative ceremony of the Angamos combat and the anniversary of the Peruvian Navy in South Korea

Global security

The visiting leader also praised India for hosting the Summit under the theme “One Land, One Family, One Future”. He thanked India for representing the voice and concerns of the Global South and developing countries during its G20 Presidency.

The signing of a Cooperation Agreement between Invest India and ProDominicana to promote investment flows is a significant advance

According to the joint statement, India and the Dominican Republic strongly condemn terrorism in all its forms and underline the need for a united international effort to combat it. And together they called for a zero-tolerance approach to terrorism and called for the rapid completion and adoption of the Global Convention on International Terrorism within the UN framework.


India’s involvement in Haiti as part of the UN-led MINUSTAH was appreciated, with both countries underlining the importance of international support for training Haitian police and security forces. This aid contributes to the stability and security of Haiti.

COVID-19 vaccines

The Dominican Republic expressed its gratitude to India for its support in the provision of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly through its “Vacuna Maitri” initiative. This initiative prioritized vaccination of its frontline workers, showing India’s solidarity during the global pandemic.

Political dialogue

Both countries wish to strengthen their political dialogue. And they recognize the importance of high-level visits, such as that of Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar in April, accompanied by a high-level business delegation.

Furthermore, both countries see potential in the audiovisual sector, given the vibrant film industries in their respective countries. They also recognize the importance of addressing climate change, environmental issues and sustainable development. Collaborative efforts will help build resilience to the negative effects of climate change.

In addition, a Memorandum of Understanding for bilateral cooperation in ocean sciences was signed. Both nations will work together to find solutions to the problem of sargassum algae blooms, which are affecting Caribbean beaches, livelihoods and the tourism industry.

Both India and the Dominican Republic recognize opportunities for collaboration in renewable energy, including within the framework of the International Solar Alliance (ISA). The Dominican Republic is taking steps for the prompt ratification of the ISA Framework Agreement.

Furthermore, the two countries are ready to deepen their engagement within the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI). India co-chairs the CDRI, while the Dominican Republic represents the Small Island Developing States on the Executive Committee for the period 2022-2024. This partnership will help build resilient infrastructure and improve disaster preparedness.

Finally, the Caribbean nation has expressed its interest in establishing an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in its territory. Both countries are eager to strengthen their cooperation in the field of education, which can bring mutual benefits.

In conclusion, India and the Dominican Republic are committed to strengthening their ties and exploring opportunities for cooperation in various sectors. This partnership is based on mutual respect and shared interests, and has the potential to bring significant benefits to both nations.

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