C-suite clients and industry participants at a recent special event hosted by BlackRock Bitcoin’in He was invited to discuss his future. Bitcoin company Swan, one of the participants of the event, shared some important takeaways with its private customers.

The event was significant as it marked BlackRock’s attempt to promote its Bitcoin ETF among its top clients. The move aligns with the view that BlackRock is preparing to leverage its marketing and sales skills to promote Bitcoin and its ETF product.

Senior officials at BlackRock have revealed that they have received calls from unexpected quarters expressing interest in purchasing Bitcoin. This shows that institutions, investors and companies that were not previously involved in Bitcoin are now showing interest. This unexpected inclusion could shape the future bull market in previously unforeseen ways, according to Swan.

At the company’s event, an analyst gave a presentation on how to value and model Bitcoin in a portfolio. The presentation was aimed at more conservative institutional investors and suggested potential diversification strategies. The BlackRock analyst suggested a surprising number to participants: a 28% allocation to Bitcoin.

BlackRock, which is known to have one of the largest distribution networks worldwide, plans to spread this information beyond its top customers, according to Swan. Once its top customers have had time to digest this information, the company is expected to share it with its entire customer base.

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/sicak-gelisme-blackrock-en-ust-duzey-musterileriyle-gizli-bitcoin-toplantisi-yapti-icerden-bir-isim-detaylari-sizdirdi/

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