Bitcoin, which has been experiencing consecutive increases for days, today surpassed 58 thousand dollars, then 59 thousand dollars and finally 60 thousand dollars. The largest cryptocurrency, which rose to $ 60 thousand 800, thus broke new ground since November 2021.

The rise in Bitcoin came with record investments in ETFs. Yesterday, there was a net investment of $520 million in BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF. The figure, combined with investments in other Bitcoin ETFs, has recently begun to build buying pressure well above the amount of Bitcoin mined daily. This situation manifested itself in an increase in the price of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, the upcoming block reward halving is also thought to have an impact on the price. Block rewards given to miners will be halved in April. Thus, the amount of BTC produced daily will decrease by 50 percent.

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Bitcoin is traded at $60,378 as of 16.45 CET. The market value of crypto money was 1 trillion 180 billion dollars.

FOMO, which is short for Fear of Missing Out, refers to the masses buying due to the fear of missing out on an opportunity in the market.

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