Hongqiao Art Center is located on bustling Tianshan Street in Shanghai’s vibrant Hongqiao district. Formerly known as Tianshan Cinema, this iconic venue in western Shanghai has undergone a transformation since 2016.

It now features a 1,000-seat theater, seven movie theaters of various capacities, and multiple activity spaces. Beyond its renowned reputation for theater and film screenings, it offers a diverse range of entertainment options. The center has become a dynamic hub for art and cultural exhibitions, complemented by a welcoming café experience.

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The transformation of Tianshan Cinema into Hongqiao Art Center

Tianshan Cinema, originally opened in 1981, was known for its screenings of both domestic and international films. It was a landmark for Shanghai film buffs, offering a window to world cinema.

In 2016, Tianshan Cinema was renovated and renamed the Hongqiao Art Center, expanding its mission to include not only cinema, but also other forms of art and culture. The transformation included infrastructure improvements, with the addition of modern facilities and multifunctional spaces.

It has a 1,000-seat theater, equipped for theater shows, concerts, and large events. It offers advanced lighting and sound technology, suitable for a wide variety of stage productions.

Seven cinema auditoriums can be found on site, each with different capacities, designed to offer a high-quality cinema experience. This cinema not only shows commercial films, but also festival films, art films, and retrospectives.

On the other hand, Hongqiao Art Center includes multiple activity spaces, ideal for workshops, seminars, and art exhibitions. These spaces are designed to be adaptable to different types of cultural and artistic events.

The cultural and artistic impact of the Hongqiao Art Center

The Hongqiao Art Center has expanded its programming to include art exhibitions, theater performances, and cultural events, in addition to film screenings. It collaborates with local and international cultural institutions to bring a variety of programs and events to the community, such as educational workshops and courses on film, theater, and visual arts, encouraging the development of artistic and cultural skills in the local community.

During the Shanghai International Film Festival, the center becomes a key venue, showing a selection of films from around the world and organizing side activities such as talks with directors and workshops. This role reinforces his status as a major player in the Shanghai film scene.

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