The Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, declared that he had informed the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, that Japan will continue to support the European country, which has been at war with Russia since February 2022.

After holding telephone conversations with the president, Kishida told reporters in his office that Zelenskyy expressed gratitude for Japan’s efforts to provide assistance to Ukraine, while condemning Russia’s longstanding aggression against its neighbor.

As reported by Kyodo News, the telephone conversation took place after a bilateral meeting scheduled in July during the NATO summit in Lithuania that did not materialize due to the prolongation of the talks. On that occasion, the two leaders only had a brief exchange.

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Their talk comes ahead of the Group of 20 summit in India next month, where Kishida is scheduled to confirm with other leaders the importance of aid to Ukraine and ongoing sanctions against Russia. Russia is expected to attend the meeting.

During talks on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima in May, Kishida told Zelenskyy that Japan would supply Ukraine with about 100 Self-Defense Forces vehicles, including small trucks and materiel transport vehicles, as part of your help.

Preparations are also being made to hold a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine in Japan early next year.


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