Sir Chandler has made more than 800 flights, totaling almost 70 trips around the world.

Japan is one of the destinations in Asia that is attracting the most attention of Argentine tourists, who seek to discover the beauty and tradition of an ancient culture there. Our country thus occupies second place in Latin America, after Brazil, in the number of Latin visitors to the Japanese country.

With the aim of continuing to spread Japan and its culture in Argentina, the Embassy of Japan will participate for the 5th time in the next International Tourism Fair (FIT) at stand 2512, between 20th and 21st streets, intersection with Av. “K”, Red Pavilion, and invites all travelers to the talk “Encourage yourself to travel to Japan” on Saturday, September 30 at 7:00 p.m. by the renowned travel content creator Santiago Torre Walsh, better known on the networks as Sir Chandler .

Why are more and more people traveling to Japan? Why do those who do it end up becoming natural promoters of future trips? Prejudices and doubts about the destination that any traveler may have before knowing and experiencing Japan, a country that makes you fall in love with its cultural, gastronomic, geographical diversity and the warmth of its people. The Argentine traveler who visited the country of the Rising Sun twice will talk about these and many other topics. The last time, in April 2023.

About Sir Chandler

Internet content generator since 1999, first with his site and then with the blog of a frequent traveler A 49-year-old Porteño, he today works on different platforms talking about travel, making videos and answering questions from readers, followers and subscribers about everything that today’s traveler needs. His videos are seen by a million people a month throughout Latin America.

Father of two daughters, he has taken more than 800 flights that total almost 70 trips around the world.

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