In the vast, scorching desert of North Africa, Chinese and Egyptian workers are working around the clock to clad a cluster of newly built skyscrapers with glass facades made in China.

The Central Financial District (CBD) of Egypt’s new administrative capital, 45 kilometers east of Cairo is not only a key project of China’s proposed Belt and Road Initiative, but also the largest project built by Chinese companies in Egypt.

After four years of construction, the modern city is finally taking shape, with a collection of glass buildings shining like a mirage amid the barren landscape. In such an extreme environment, installation requires impeccable craftsmanship and top-notch materials, which Chinese construction companies have excelled at compared to their competitors.

“Amazed by our price, quality and speed, they have no reason not to choose us,” said Cheng Wei, Egypt CBD project manager at China Construction Shenzhen Decoration, in an interview with Xinhua. “Price is our most direct advantage,” said Cheng, explaining: “For example, the price of a one-square-meter glass curtain wall produced and installed by European and American companies is twice that of Chinese counterparts.”

However, lower prices do not mean compromising quality. According to Cheng, facades produced in China, in many performance tests such as deformation and wind load resistance, not only meet but often exceed standards set by European and American companies, exhibiting superior performance in certain aspects.


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