In Saudi Arabia, the world’s first theme park dedicated to the Dragon Ball universe will be created. The project by investment group Qiddiya was announced this Friday.

The theme park is inspired by the work of manga artist Akira Toriyama — who passed away earlier this month —, creator of the world of Son Goku. The 500,000 square meter project will be built near the city of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabiaand will feature several attractions in seven centers inspired by the comic book series (later adapted for television), namely: Kame House, Capsule Corporation and Planet Beerus. Themed hotels and restaurants are also planned within the amusement park.

The company responsible for building the theme park published, on Thursday, a video presenting the project.

Dragon Ball appeared in Japan in 1984, published by Shonen Jump magazine. The comic book, which narrates the adventures of martial arts prodigy Son Goku, has sold at least 260 million copies worldwide, according to the specialized portal Mangazenkan, and has had numerous adaptations for television, cinema and video games.

The project comes in a context in which Saudi Arabia is trying to diversify its economy based on hydrocarbons, investing in a series of mega entertainment projects. Thus, the project for the city of Qiddiya, led by the investment group of the same name, consists of creating a district dedicated to gaming and for virtual sports — which will be twice the size of the Walt Disney World park in Florida.

No dates have yet been announced for the start of construction on the Dragon Ball-inspired theme park.



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