Let’s make a very tasty corn cure to eat for dessert. The recipe is simple and easy!

Curau Corn

Curau Corn

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Preparation time



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Check out the step-by-step instructions for preparing your corn curau to be delicious! Use the ingredients below.


  • 4 ears of green corn (about 3 cups (tea) shelled grains)

  • 2 cups of milk (tea)

  • ¾ cup (tea) sugar

  • Cinnamon powder to taste for sprinkling

Preparation mode

  • Remove the kernels from the corn and roughly chop them.
  • In a blender, blend the corn with the milk for 3 minutes.
  • Pass the mixture through a fine sieve, pressing with the back of a spoon to extract all the liquid.
  • In a pan, add the corn liquid, sugar and heat over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens.
  • Turn off the heat and serve hot or cold, sprinkled with cinnamon powder.


  • For a creamier curau, use more mature green corn.
  • If the curau is too thick, add a little milk.
  • For a special touch, add a pinch of salt to the curau.

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