Arthur Hayes, one of the founders of the BitMEX exchange, but who was found guilty and released on bail in a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice in 2020, has continued his blog posts since then. Hayes, a character that attracts worldwide attention, stated in his last blog post that his opinion about the bull season and that prices will rise has not changed.

“It will rise to the level of absurdity.”

In his last article, Hayes said that the decline expectations have come true due to tax payments in the USA and the halving period in Bitcoin, and that he thinks the bull season will continue from where it left off from now on:

“We are now leaving behind the period of weakness that I predicted due to the US tax payments on April 15 and the Bitcoin halving. I would like to remind my readers that bull season will continue. I will also tell you why. Currently, the USA, China, the EU and Japan have started to devalue their currencies to shrink their balance sheets. The traditional finance side now offers Bitcoin ETFs to its customers in the US. Soon these ETFs will also come to the UK and Hong Kong. We can see the course of the world. I would like to remind you of this. Bull season will continue where we left off. Markets and prices will rise to absurd levels. “These markets that got you where you are rarely make these moves, and now they’re going to make moves that will take you somewhere else.”

Hayes also touched upon the importance of the US elections and claimed that the Democratic Party will do everything to stay in power, and that this will also be reflected in monetary policy.

“It will be a golden opportunity”

Hayes stated that the USA will make more absurd moves in the coming period than the 2008 crisis and Covid, and said:

“Summer months are coming in the northern hemisphere. Decision makers will go on vacation. This will be an opportunity for investors to buy the dip in crypto. “The next few months will present golden opportunities for every style of investor.”

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