Chinese tourists are expected to make more than 6 billion domestic trips in 2024, and the combined number of tourists entering and leaving the country traveling internationally is expected to exceed 260 million, according to a recent report by the China Tourism Academy.

The report, which includes an analysis of China’s tourism performance in 2023 and a forecast for 2024, highlights the tourism sector’s significant recovery over the past year.

In 2023, China’s domestic tourism recorded a remarkable annual growth of more than 100%, recovering more than 80% from the 2019 level, the report’s figures show. Inbound and outbound international tourism also grew, with the total number of tourists exceeding 190 million, an increase of more than 280% compared to the previous year.

The institute’s research team said desire to travel among China’s residents remained high throughout 2023, with tourists reporting a high level of satisfaction.


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